Mark - Owner & leading designer - "Men's jewelry. it's been around for years, yet no one is creating fashion led, cutting edge designs, we've just seen the same basic & safe designs again & again! well. Welcome to designb...

It all started with a vision

To delivery the most cutting edge & innovating designs the market hasn't seen but, but at a fair price point we're proud of; at a price point that isn't in the market. 

In 2018, our team of fashion-led designers worked together to come up with a concept, create jewellery for men that wasn't being created anywhere else. Having designs from London, Shanghai & Tokyo, gives us the power to create designs inspired from different perspectives and sub-cultures creating a piece for everybody. 

We pride ourselves on one rule. Don't "follow trends" create them. We've set the bench mark for so many trends that our customers love and our designers are excited to create many more. 

We specialise in three key areas of design.

Streetwear, minimal & Scandinavian.

Our team in London really capture the streetwear aesthetic with of the multi-cultured city as its inspirational insight, with underground & rebellious movements leading the way for some of the most cutting edge streetwear designs we've made, even inspiring a global trend in men's jewelry. 

Our Tokyo designers specialise in minimal design, Japan is known for its subtle yet strong designs, some of our most stunning designs have come from the heart of Japan; leading the way for some of the most exciting men's jewelry designs that market has seen.

Scandinavian is best created with our French designers from Paris. The elegance from the city helps inspire every piece we make in France, these pieces are extremely unique, so if you're looking for something less edgy, we've got it as-well!