Pros And Cons Of Gold Plated Jewellery (Ultimate Guide)

What Is Gold Plated Jewellery?

In general, plating refers to the technique of covering a piece of jewellery composed of one metal or alloy with a coating of another metal. A copper or silver ring with a layer of gold on top, for example, would be described as gold plated jewellery.

The Pros Of Gold Plated Jewellery:

Gold Plated Jewellery Is Cheap

When compared to gold filled or solid gold jewellery, gold plated jewellery is the most affordable option. They usually cost between £10 and £100. Due to the low cost of gold plated goods, more individuals are purchasing and wearing them!

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Gold Plated Accessories Are Durable

Gold plated jewellery is more robust and lasts longer than solid gold jewellery. Gold is a soft, malleable metal, the greater the karat, the softer and more malleable the object. As a result, 24K is excessively weak, and making a jewellery piece ultimately of 24K is unfeasible. To be strong enough to mould and shape into jewellery, gold must be alloyed with other metals or plated over other base metals.

Therefore, a gold plated item with a thin gold coating on the exterior is a fantastic method to have the look of gold while still having a robust and durable piece of jewellery. Solid gold jewellery is more susceptible to wear and tear than gold plated jewellery.

Gold Plated jewellery Is Stylish

The plating technique gives the object the appearance of real gold while keeping the price modest. As a result, gold plated jewellery adds the right touch of glitz and glam to any ensemble!

gold plated jewellery

With gold plated jewellery being so cheap, it is used in many different designs from various jewellery providers. This makes it easy to go with any design, with gold plated jewellery being noted as one of the trendiest items at the moment.

It Looks Like Real Gold

The great thing about gold plated jewellery is that it looks the same as filled gold. It is hard to spot a difference to the untrained eye, which makes it perfect for most people as you can wear a gold piece of jewellery without having to damage your bank account.

The Cons Of Gold Plated Jewellery:

Gold Plated Accessories Will Tarnish

To begin with, the plating that protects your jewellery will eventually wear off. The thicker the outer layer, the longer it will take to wear away and reveal the bottom layer.

You can take the item to your jeweller to have it re-plated. However, replating has the disadvantage of costing money, and certain metals, such as gold or rhodium, are very costly.

Gold Plated Jewellery Is Not Water Resistant

Unfortunately, gold plated jewellery is not crafted to be water-resistant. So the answer to the question is gold plated jewellery water-resistant is no, it is not. When the gold comes into contact with water, it will cause the gold to wear off, leaving the metal alloy underneath exposed.

gold plated signet ring jewellery water resistant

That is why it is essential to take off gold plated jewellery before coming into any contact with water. However, gold-filled jewellery is water-resistant if you are looking for an alternative.

Gold Plated Jewellery Is Lower In Value

Suppose you're seeking to resell your gold plated jewellery and want to know how much it's worth. In that case, the reality is that gold plated jewellery isn't very valuable. Because the gold coating, or layer, on the object's exterior is so thin, there are only a few microns of gold in the plating. The cost of refining the plated item is higher than refining a solid gold item (10K to 24K); thus, refining it isn't worth it. Gold-filled jewellery may have some value, so It may be worth selling that on.

Where To Buy Gold Plated Jewellery?

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